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Sleeping lady happy with her new sash windows

Noise Reduction in Windows and Acoustic Glazing

Insulation is not just about keeping the heat in – windows should keep the noise out too! If you live…

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Gowercroft team at a trade stand

Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2016

Come and meet the Gowercroft team For the fifth year running, im电竞app官网入口 will be exhibiting at the Homebuilding and…

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Unhappy face drawn on a window with bad condensation

Condensation and Dew Point on Efficient Double Glazing

Modern homes today are built so they don’t waste energy, with increased levels of thermal insulation, efficient draft-proofing around doors…

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Sustainable wood forests are carbon neutral from cradle to grave

What is Red Grandis Timber?

Red Grandis is an Ethically Sourced timber of unrivalled quality Red Grandis is a specifically chosen subspecies of the Eucalyptus…

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The gowercroft window fitting team outside a home

Replacement windows in Dore, South Yorkshire

Beautiful hardwood replacement windows in Sheffield We were contacted in early 2013 by Mr. and Mrs. Winster regarding replacement windows…

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the window design team

A Guide to Buying Wooden Windows

How to invest wisely in your new wooden windows The window and door industry can seem quite daunting to a…

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Unusual view of a wooden roof lantern showing wooden sliding sash windows in the floors above

Bespoke Conservatory and Sliding Sash Windows Kensington, London

Bespoke wooden windows fitted to Kensington Town House In March 2012, we undertook our first exhibition at the Home Building…

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Winston window in house e1505494572247

Timber, Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows

Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows – Class 4 Air Permeability Sliding sash windows have always and will always be draughty!…

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A large amount of wooden window frames ready for paint and glass

What is Accoya Timber?

What is Accoya Timber? Accoya is the world’s leading high technology wood. Created from sustainably sourced softwood; it matches or…

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