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based coating pieces of wood

Q-UV Testing of Water Based Coating

Long term protection for wooden windows and doors We are dedicated to offering products with the longest guarantees in the…

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timber windows fitted to a traditional home

Maintenance to Timber Windows

Timber Windows can be Maintenance free! There is a concern in the market that maintenance to timber windows is onerous,…

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Wood stain going milky

Wood Stain Going Milky on Newly Installed Joinery Products

How weather and wood stain can affect the wood in windows Most winters we have a case of newly installed joinery products…

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Double glazing diagram

How Long Do Double Glazing Units Last?

Quality affects longevity when it comes to double glazing Double glazing units are a simple idea – two panes of…

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UK joinery scheme award certification

Accoya Windows and Doors

Accoya Hardwood for Superior Windows and Doors Accoya is without question the best timber for window and door manufacture on the…

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Lift and slide doors made from sustainable timber

Exposed Location for Centor Aluminium Bifolds

Windows tough enough to brave the elements The Heights of Abraham ( is a major tourist attraction in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. It consists…

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Sleeping lady happy with her new sash windows

Noise Reduction in Windows and Acoustic Glazing

Insulation is not just about keeping the heat in – windows should keep the noise out too! If you live…

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Sustainable wood forests are carbon neutral from cradle to grave

What is Red Grandis Timber?

Red Grandis is an Ethically Sourced timber of unrivalled quality Red Grandis is a specifically chosen subspecies of the Eucalyptus…

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Winston window in house e1505494572247

Timber, Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows

Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows – Class 4 Air Permeability Sliding sash windows have always and will always be draughty!…

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